Offering Quality Cabinets for Bathrooms and Kitchens

AZ Cabinets and Bath is proud to provide clients with the best selection at affordable prices!

Kitchen Cabinets

Whether frameless or overlay construction types, we carry a collection of cabinets that are made with wood. These are available in an array of colors, allowing you to choose the one that fits your interior’s aesthetic. Our models can also come with self-closing doors.

The modern designs we have are made in the USA. Our European-style cabinets are shipped from Europe on demand.

Bathroom Vanities

You will be amazed by our collection of floating vanities, which can easily enhance the way your bathroom looks.

Complete Package

The vanities we offer are sold in packages that include mirrors, faucets, and other essential accessories.

Different Designs Available

Aside from having a variety of colorways to choose from, you can pick from a range of cabinets based on your preferences. We can do linen closets and other designs that suit your needs.

Custom-Made Cabinets and Vanities

Our experts can add life to designs you made for your cabinets, vanities, and closets. We can also customize your existing bar setup to suit your taste.